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Plant Photos: Our Nursery

Our on site collection of healthy and flawless plants, flowers and trees is truly remarkable. Nestled up against the mountains in Waimanalo, Hawaii, our nursery is treated well by Mother Nature. The cloud layer can remain heavy for days at a time creating a natural greenhouse affect that allows hawaiian tropical plants and flowers to thrive in their natural habitat. Wondering through these gardens will inspire landscaping ideas and leave you feeling confident in the landscaping services we provide, before you invest your money. Even if you're planning some DIY(do it yourself) landscaping or own your landscape business, Ultimate Innovations' nursery can become your 'go to' place to buy the best in Hawaiian tropical plant life. For more information on plants and flowers for sale on Oahu, visit our nursery page. Now, go ahead and enjoy our plant and flower photo gallery!

Tropical Garden with Water Fountain Akia Alpinia Purpurata Pink Autograph Tree Bird of Paradise Blue Agapanthus Blue Plumbago Croton Plant Small Croton Plant Large Crown Flower Dwarf Poinciana Golden Eldorado up close Golden Eldorado Green Spider Lily Heliconia Golden Torch Hibiscus Hula Girl Ixora Jatropha Jatropha Kimi Ginger Monstera Large Monstera Monstera Monstera Heliconia Heliconia Peter Pan Agapanthus Pink Ginger Pink Hibiscus Purple Allamanda Purple Bouganvillea Red Bouganvillea Red Ginger Red Leea Shell Ginger Silver Buttonwood Singapore Plumeria Stephanotis Flower Strawberry Guava Ti Plant Xanadu Xanadu Yellow Heliconia